FG Dismisses Rumour Of Earth Tremor In Abuja

The federal government has cleared the air on earth tremor alleged to have occurred in the Abaji area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, saying that findings have shown that nothing like that happened.

Addressing newsmen yesterday at the spot in the community where the tremor was claimed to have taken place according to a post by an Ibadan based professor (name withheld) last Friday, the Director, Regional Geology at the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, Dr Oladimeji Gboyega said since none of the seismometers monitoring the area did not record any such event, and the inhabitants of the epicentre community have confirmed that nothing happened, “it tells you that there was nothing like tremor”.

The Acting Head, Department of Physics, University of Abuja, Dr Gala Nyam, told newsmen in the University’s Control Room that there was no such incident captured in the 4 seismometers within the area to monitor such earth movement. He said that when they heard of the development, they rushed to check and discovered that the instrument has no record of such event.

“So nothing has happened in Abuja as far as this instrument is concerned, it has not given us any signal around here to show that there was a tremor in Abuja.

“How can Ife, imagine the distance from here to Ife, and the same equipment recording an event that occurred in Abuja and ours will not pick it up, including the equipment at NGSA, I think the assertion is baseless,” he said.

While the addressing the team of journalists and experts from NGSA at his palace, the Ona (paramount Chief) of Abaji, Adamu Baba Yunusa, said nothing like that happened within his Chiefdom.

A landlord, Abdulkarim Mohammed, who was met relaxing in his house expressed surprise on hearing about the tremor. He said, “This is where I live, this is my house but I can tell you that nothing like that happened that I know or have heard.”