Reno Omokri gives historical account of how Arabic is printed on Nigerian currency.

At the time Arabic was first introduced into Nigeria’s currency, BY THE BRITISH (not by Northern Nigerians), in 1912 (see attached photograph of the British West African Pound), it was because the number of Northerners who read and wrote Arabic was higher than the population of Northerners who read and wrote English.

The British also added Arabic to the emblem of the Royal West African Frontier Force for the same reason. The British West African Pound eventually became the Naira, while the Royal West African Frontier Force in Nigeria eventually became the Nigerian Army. The use of Arabic is not an Islamic agenda.

Those who know me, know that I would fight such an agenda tooth and nail. We must as Nigerians learn from history otherwise we will accuse history of repeating itself, when in fact we are the ones repeating history. The Black man must learn to be factual, not emotional. ‪Truth is really not bitter. It is actually people that get bitter about the truth. Nigerians should not be be bitter about the truth. Instead, let the truth make Nigeria better!‬