Hi everyone… Good Afternoon

I will keep this brief and short.. Ignore any typographical error, please.

I have this boyfriend, we’ve been dating for years now. The thing is, he doesn’t last long during sex, he’s a 2 minutes man, as you people call it. There was a time, we had sex, less than 1 minute, yes, I mean less than a minute, just 3 or 4 thrusts and he released. He was shocked, sad and disappointed, I was shocked too. I was even the one cheering him up, not to be sad, that everything will be okay, that’s not his fault, he just wore his cloth and left.

This is someone I want to marry, we will soon do our introduction and wedding, and I don’t want our sex life to be boring, we are not enjoying s*x at all, and I don’t want to cheat on him… We love each other so much.

Please, anybody that has experienced this before, or know how to stop it should advice me on what to do, its not making me happy neither is my boyfriend happy too

Your advice will be appreciated.. Thank You.