My Experience With Access Bank During 14-Day Covid-19 Lockdown In Abuja (Photos)

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  • March 31, 2020

This is my little experience with access bank today Garki market road and Area 3 Abuja branches.

Time check its 09:45
I was watching movies and lazying around lol


when March salary hit my phone, and as usual I decided to use my usual *901# code to transfer some funds into my beneficiaries account and boom, it wasn’t working, I did it like 10 times and it was showing time out error, I got worried and tried it for the last time and it displayed, number not registered, then I was shocked because that’s is the same phone number I have always used in making fund transfers and bill payment, then many thought was running wild in my head.

I picked up my self and dashed out to the bank, I arrived the bank at 10:15 am and I meet a crowd and they were observing zero social distancing outside the bank and I was given number 305 :I
I was like kuku kill me, and the sun was burning like hell,

I decided to check out another branch at area 3 garki abuja and I met crowd waiting hopelessly outside I was like what da hell, this is not even day one yet of the covid 19 lock down and it felt like the world is already collapsing



I decided to collect another number to wait for my turn and I was given 173, funny enough big men and women with fast cars ain’t given number, they just come and walk right in, and the rest of us outside will be raining insult on the security people


It ain’t funny though, after what felt like forever, it got to my turn and I did all my transaction and left, time check 2:55pm

Guys the coming days will be very rough, I advice you all to go withdraw all the money u can and restock your kitchen, it will get to a point when it will become almost impossible to make withdrawals as average Nigerian will not want to save but withdraw these coming days and the bank will use network as an excuse not to load money in their ATM or pay through the counter.
Mode abeg move to wider audience to create awareness.

P.s other branches of banks are closing down, it’s only few that was left open according to my observation.

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