Good evenin everyone. Pls I need a word of wisdom and advice from matured minds here. I’m 28 yrs I will be 29 in 2days.

I feel I’m about to make a life mistake. I have been dating my bf for 10yrs now, yes I was young and independent as at that time, the love was so sweet that we could do anything for each other. My bf left the country 5yrs ago and since then it has been long distance relationships, our communication was good.

He visited Nigeria December last yr and left the first week of January. He Begged me to wait for him again and I agreed. I’m currently pregnant and I’m scared to keep the baby, I spoke to him about it and he was happy.

Recently he is complaining of not having money and all. he has suddenly change with the way he talk to me and he doesn’t even have plans for me. He hardly calls and hardly pick my calls. I have tried to talk to him about his recent attitude and he will always end up calling me nag.

I’m thinking about going for abortion but I don’t know if it’s a great choice. He is 34yrs, pls I need advice.