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We Are Palmacedar Cleaning

Palmacedar Cleaning Limited is a general cleaning and janitorial services company in Nigeria. One of the best cleaning company in Nigeria. We serve with creativity across all the sectors in major cities in Nigeria. We have positioned ourselves as the best professional cleaning company near you.

We are incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the vision to provide best in class services to customers across Nigeria. As a company committed to excellent customer service experience and expertise in every area of cleaning and janitorial services,  we have been positioned as a reputable and trusted advisor in the field of our practice. We are in business to make people happy.

Palmacedar Cleaning will be available for you at any point in time to answer your call in taking care of your dirt. We offer all the services towards making your environment clean:

This is a special service that enables us take up all your challenges in cleaning your premises or any other responsibility from time to time, this makes us to be part of your system and if you open 24 x 7 in a week, we will not only be available but we will be ahead of you atleast with an hour. 

We Deploy:

We fumigate and decontaminate against viruses and bacteria. If you are not in charge of your properties due to negligence of pests and insects control. Bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents can make you loose your sleep and eventually forfeit your belongings to these intruders. We are available to assist you in keeping them off your premises. 

We don’t just clean, we make you happy:

We sell, service and rent out cleaning equipment and materials:

We provide training of all categories to our staff and other clients :

As one of the best cleaning company, we parade one of the finest team across the globe. Contact Us

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Janitorial and Managed Services
Fumigation and Decontamination
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Our Staff are well trained.

Our experience as a professional cleaning company in Nigeria, we have developed capacities to meet the demands of our various customers requiring the services of the best cleaning company. Therefore, we make deploy and manage trained cleaners or janitors with adequate supervision.